Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Loving Life

Photo: In the Game of Life, Jada is Banker, Doctor, Mother...and BossI have fond memories of playing Life, the board game, with my sister and with other family members when I was a kid.  For game night, there were some surprisingly deep lessons: take the longer way at the beginning in order to earn a higher salary, the stock market is worth playing (but it's not without its risks), and luck plays a role in building a fortune as well as in dismantling it.  And spinning that spinner is fun; my sister and I actually used it to play made-up games of Wheel of Fortune when we tired of playing Life.

So I'm happy to report that Jada has gotten into the game as well.  She likes playing banker - what a great lesson in adding negative numbers! - and finds it funny when she or Aaron "have kids."  She's learning the same lessons I learned, too.  And she also finds the spinner fun to spin.  (She's never watched Wheel of Fortune, though, so that history is not repeating itself.)
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