Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jada and I are close for a lot of reasons.  But Aaron and I have something that Jada and I don't have, which is that we're both boys.  It's fun to share that tie with my Goo Bear.

One way that we're boys is that we'll do something called "Battle" at night.  Typically, the four of us will read stories, read the Bible, pray, and sing.  And then either Aaron or I will say, "Battle," and that starts "Battle," which is just the two of us.

What is "Battle"?  It's basically me and Aaron horsing around.  Some rules have formed over time, which get voiced and then go largely unsaid: no punching, hitting, biting, licking, or tickling.  Sometimes, when Aaron is in a foul mood, no smushing is allowed either.  So, essentially, it's just me and Aaron pushing and ramming each other until one of us is pooped and the other is declared the victor.

Even though I have several years and pounds on Aaron, he is surprisingly strong and I find I no longer need to let him win in order for him to win.  Someday soon, it will be no contest; probably at that point, it'll cease to be a thing he and I do.  But I believe he'll always have the memories, and I trust they will be happy ones.
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