Thursday, May 30, 2013

Our Jada

Here's something to monitor.  Recently, Jada has been having a lot of conversations with Amy about being adopted, and about not wanting her friends to know she's adopted.  For the longest time, it's been a matter-of-fact issue with all of us, something that defined her but was neither a negative to be ashamed of or a positive to accentuate.  But she seems to be hitting a phase in which she doesn't want to be different in this way. 

I also take it as a sign that this is one of many things she is more comfortable going to Amy about than me, for whatever reason.  While I want her to know she can always come to me about anything, it's good that she has two parents and it's natural that there will be some things she comes to me about and some things she comes to Amy about.

At any rate, we love Jada fiercely and thank God she is with us.  Oh how precious each day is as her parent.
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