Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goo Bear Googly Eyes

Goo Bear got glasses yesterday.  They kind of make him look like a superhero.  As you can see from the pic, this superhero still eats McDonald's.

On a serious note, something Amy shared with me (while I was at a networking event last night, she picked the kids up, got the glasses, took them to McDonald's, and read them bedtime stories) was that the glasses might actually make a huge difference in Aaron's reading ability.  It hadn't occurred to me before that it was his eyes that was holding him back from being a better reader, but of course this makes sense - how can you read what you can't quite see clearly?  In fact, Amy reported, Aaron read his very best ever last night, while wearing his glasses.  So we could be onto something.

Headaches will follow, too, as his eyes adjust.  And, goodness knows Amy and I are holding our breath about Aaron losing his glasses.  But so far this is all positive.
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