Friday, March 08, 2013

Sold Out, Left Out
Last month, when announcements from school included an upcoming talent show, I asked Jada if she wanted to try out, not knowing if she would feel too shy to do something like that.  But she said yes.  And she tried out - a gymnastics routine.  And she was accepted.  So we blocked off the evening on the calendar and made arrangements, including telling Amy's parents to join us.

Oops.  Even though there was a flyer sent home from school for a few weeks before the event, I failed to see that you actually need to buy tickets to this thing, and that this thing sells out.  Once I came to my senses, all the tickets were gone and I had to tell the school to pull Jada from the program.  (She didn't need a ticket for herself, but of course I wasn't going to send her to school all by herself.) 

There was early dismissal that day and she got to spend extended time with her grandparents, so it wasn't all bad.  Still, I feel awful that I flat out blew it.  Lesson learned for next year: buy tickets ahead of time.  Here's hoping she'll summon up the courage next go round to participate.
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