Saturday, March 16, 2013

Picked On sensitive little boy is getting picked on a little at school.  It seems there have been at least two incidents when some older boys have roughed him up a little.  I wouldn’t call it bullying – there are no threats of “or else” and nothing more serious than a kick in the shins or a swipe to the side – but more so an opportunistic moment when no adults are looking to pick on a smaller kid.  Whatever it is, it’s pretty cowardly for bigger boys to do such a thing.

As for our goo bear, he’s taking it like a champ.  When he gets hurt, he cries, but he doesn’t absolutely lose it.  He tells his teacher.  He avoids places where adults are not around.  And, by the end of the day, he seems unfazed by the incident, telling us about it without any sense of dread or fear.  Still, it’s a shame when boys are boys, and we hope we can rally around our goo bear and help him stand up and not be ashamed. 
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