Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dinner Out

Photo: It's that time of the year...that's right, I'm talking about the Shamrock ShakePhoto: The four of us (+50 inebriated college kids dressed in green) at Bobby's Burger PalaceOn the weekends, we usually order some food for fun and to lighten the cooking load.  Since we have simple tastes, thirty bucks is usually enough for a couple of meals' worth. 

But this past weekend, we decided to do something a little different: we went out to eat.  So thirty bucks only covered one meal, but part of what we were paying for was the fun of eating out.

We ended up at Bobby's Burger Palace on the Penn campus, and we arrived just as a busload (literally!) of college students was piling in, as part of their St. Patrick's Day festivities.  Thankfully for us, turnover was fairly swift: the real parties were elsewhere, and BBP was just a short stop for food en route to those parties. 

The kids ate well - swimming at the Y earlier that day probably helped - and while they behaved Amy enjoyed sitting next to each other and catching up on conversation and smooches.  Afterwards, we went next door and got a Shamrock Shake (well, to be more specific, I paid for it, and the kids downed it). 

The kids had brought their scooters so they scootered home, while Amy and I walked behind them, holding hands and marveling at how big our kids are getting.  Good times all around.

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