Thursday, February 28, 2013

Huang Family Newsletter, February 2013

 Jada had friend and family birthday parties this month.  She continues to do ballet, while Aaron finished up soccer and will be starting swimming next month.  They both got good marks at their most recent report card conferences.  They both continue to have special needs, as confirmed by our annual visit to the developmental pediatrician, so there is another wave of appointments and paperwork that follow from that.  Amy and Lee are trying frantically to keep up with everything with the kids and house, while juggling increasing responsibilities at their jobs.
Photo: A soggy start to the morning commutePhoto: Mama and Jada in the pewsPhoto: Mama and Aaron in the pewsPhoto: Nothing else left to do except wait for friends to arrive (tail wagging)Photo: Oh how he has grown.  2008 to 2013Photo: New winter hats, courtesy of a very thoughtful fellow congregant
Photo: There's a story behind the missing tooth...stay tunedMiraculously, I got everyone to stand still long enough to squeeze out this pic Photo: Alright, enough kid stuff...time for the grownups to go out! Check out who I get to be seen with.Photo: Would've done a pic of my new specs last wk but had a big forehead zit then (yes I'm that vain...and apparently 13)
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