Monday, February 18, 2013

Her Favorite President

Every weekend, I give Jada an essay topic so she can practice her writing.  For awhile, I'd been banging on her to write more - her first attempts invariably end up being only one or two sentences.  Lately, it seems she's turning a corner in terms of being confident enough to write more.  I've already shared about her Betsy Ross essay at school, and I wanted to share yesterday's entry, on the topic of "my favorite president."  Here it is, verbatim:

My favorite president was Abraham Lincoln because he helped our country during the Civil War.  He cared alat for our country.  He loved to read so that ment he knew alot.  I think he loved reading stuff like biographyies, and lots of learning books.  He was very honest, helpful, and thoughtful.  But almost everybody was sad when he was assanated.  He was the most important presidet in the country.

Note that her third sentence - "He loved to read..." - comes from the fact that I told her I had recently read a book about Lincoln and his love for reading and writing.  I love being able to talk with Jada about the books I read.  I am glad she is cultivating a love for reading and writing too.
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