Sunday, January 13, 2013

Uncle Matt to the Rescue

Photo: Dynamic duo: Amy and her bro fixed Aaron's new toy (it involved tweezers, eyelash adhesive, and a blowdryer)
Amy was super excited about a transformer-dinosaur type of toy that she had bought for Aaron for his birthday.  But when he opened it and we tried to assemble it, we couldn't get it to work.  We tried three different sets of batteries, read and re-read the manual, and even gave the thing a few sharp blows to the side.  To no avail, and Amy's heart sank.

Enter her brother Matt.  Savvy on such things, and willing to persist when others were ready to give up, he popped the main console open and immediately diagnosed the problem: a loose wire.  While the rest of us got Aaron's birthday cake ready, Amy and Matt used tweezers, eyelash adhesive, and a blowdryer to reconnect and secure the wire. 

Problem solved, Aaron's toy resurrected, and Amy delighted.  Well done, Uncle Matt!
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