Monday, January 21, 2013

Daddy and Jada Time at McJunkFood's

Photo: While Aaron has soccer and Mommy does chores, I have "Daddy & Jada time @ McJunkFood's" (her words)Last weekend, while Aaron had soccer league at the Y, I took Jada down the street for lunch at McDonald's, or as Jada likes to call it, "McJunkFood's."  It was our "Daddy and Jada time" for January, and her tail was wagging the whole time.

I almost blew it from the beginning, as I rushed the kids out of the house to walk down the street to the Y, and told Jada she couldn't wear her fancy new orange shoes because we were strolling.  While she changed into sneakers while tearing up, Amy explained to me that she had wanted to wear her fancy shoes for her time with me.  (Ironically enough, I do this to Amy, too: our "date nights" often involve having to wear comfortable shoes, on account of eye-watering amounts of walking.) 

Thankfully, Jada's excitement for special time overcame her desire to wear her new shoes.  And so soon enough we were dropping off Aaron and heading to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and uninterrupted one-on-one time.

We didn't talk about anything too earth-shattering, but no matter.  I think both of us appreciated that it was just us two together, if even for only a few minutes.  I look forward to doing the same with Aaron next weekend, and to having a little special time like this with each kid every month this year. 
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