Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Found, Fined of miracles, Jada's lost books (which I posted about yesterday) were found.  Apparently, an after-school worker found them, thought they belonged to Jada's school, and left them at the school's doorstep overnight.  So when I called a few days later to inquire, they were in the lost-and-found, and all I had to do was list which titles they were to verify that they were in fact mine.  (Of course, this was harder than I thought, since I've placed multiple orders in the past few weeks and had to scramble through a pile of receipts to find this list.)

I'm still not happy that Jada was careless, so I told her I'm fining her for the error.  Still, five or ten bucks is far easier on the wallet than 80 or 100 bucks.  Hopefully, the fine is enough to leave an impression on Jada.  But her balance is largely intact, rather than wiped out for a year or more.  Whew.
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