Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Belly of the Beast

Amy and I work hard at our jobs.  Partly it's because we have good work ethics, partly because we like our jobs, and partly because our jobs are demanding.  But lately it's been because we have to in order to keep up with our little boy whose appetite threatens to overwhelm our grocery bill. 

Aaron goes to bed with his belly sticking way out like some sort of strange pregnant male child, and wakes up with that same belly rumbling and raring to go.  Jada eats so slow I swear we ought to start breakfast the night before for her in order to get her to school on time, but it's Aaron who we find we have to put something in front of after we've put everything away.

My father-in-law jokes that we'll need to take up selling pencils to keep up.  We're not there yet, but hold off on your pencil purchases for now, in case we need to hit you up for a large purchase.

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