Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to School at Lea

Since I've met Aaron's principal once and his kindergarten teacher once, and know no other people at Lea (teachers, staff, or parents), I was looking forward to Back to School Night there.  Alas, I got there late, since I was coming from a meeting and potluck at the kids' after-school program, so I missed the principal's remarks and other introductory content. 

But I was able to visit Aaron's classroom, talk to his teacher some more, and meet some of his classmates' family members.  Including the mom of the classmate he gets walked from Lea to PIC with, who happens to be a co-founder of the fabulous West Philadelphia Coalition for Neighborhood Schools.

Though it's inconvenient for our kids to go to different schools, and Aaron'll have some adjustment once he does get transferred over to Jada's school, I feel like he's in good hands at Lea.  God is good.
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