Saturday, July 07, 2012

San Jose, Day 7

Our last full day in San Jose was spent at the beach and boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  I worried it might be blazing hot and/or freezing cold, but it turned out to be beautiful.  It was windy enough at times that our sweatshirts came in handy, and the only damage the heat did was to make the sand blazing (and give me some sunburn on the top of my feet - I'm always sloppy with the sunscreen in one place!).

The company was great, too; my high school friends reconvened, but with a slightly different cast, so it was nice to spent extended time with some whom I'd just seen a couple of days back, and to catch up with others who didn't make that gathering.  The kids were pretty much all old enough to be somewhat autonomous, leaving ample time for the grown-ups to socialize.  I have a wonderful group of old friends.

It was a windy but doable 45 minute drive to and from Santa Cruz, so we were able to spend the whole day there without having to leave so early in the morning and still getting home in time for dinner with my parents.  After dinner, I did one last load of laundry and packed food for the flight.  We'll be back again soon enough, but had a blast while we were here.

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