Sunday, July 01, 2012

San Jose, Day 1

Note to self: try to avoid Saturday morning flights out after a busy work week.  Yet there we were, getting up early to get ourselves to the airport for our flight to San Jose.  Amy took us to the airport, where we breezed through check-in, played at the play area, and made our way to the gate . . . only to discover that our flight was delayed.  We ended up being two hours delayed, and Aaron compounded the fun by howling about his ears as we were descending.

No matter, it was still smooth sailing and great to see my family.  My dad picked us up at the airport, my mom was waiting for us at home, and my sister and brother-in-law were also there.

I had made arrangements to catch up with some college friends later that day, so the kids and I drove to Pacifica and connected with five other families.  All told, there were 13 kids in attendance, including 4 born in the past 12 months!  Jada and Aaron quickly made themselves at home, whether playing cars in the kids' bedroom or romping around in the spacious backyard.  It was a lot of fun.

Alas, with the time zone difference and the long day of travel, we all bid adieu in the early evening, and the kids were fast asleep within minutes of being on the road.  I was able to successfully transition them from car to bedroom when we got back to my parents, and after changing into pajamas and brushing teeth, they were fast asleep yet again.  A good first day in the Bay.

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