Monday, June 04, 2012

Running Commentary

Another fun day at Jada's school's 5-K and 1-mile run to raise money for arts and sciences.  Last year, Amy and her brother ran the 5-K and Jada and I did the mile.  Amy's brother ran the 5-K again this year, and finished fourth in his age bracket.

Jada and I gutted out the 5-K; she walked about a quarter of the time and ran the rest, for which I was real proud of her.  She ended up with a time of about 40 minutes, which placed her second among girls in the 0-14 age bracket.

Amy and Aaron did the mile.  He sprinted out at the beginning but flagged at the end, to the point that he was in tears by the finish line (of course, being a good dad, I recorded the whole thing on video).

When we were all done, we gorged on soft pretzels and then Amy and I both took long naps while the kids watched Wizard of Oz.  Good times.

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