Friday, June 01, 2012

Donut, Whole

Yesterday was Donuts with Dads at Jada's school.  Instead of dropping her off and then Aaron and then heading downtown for work, I dropped off Aaron first and then doubled back to Jada's school to wait for our special breakfast together. 

They asked the dads to wait in the courtyard so last-minute preparations could be made.  When we entered, we found our children, and sat down in tables of four set with place mats, fruit, and, yes, donuts.  They sang "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" for us.  Plus there was a poem and a book that each child had made about their relationship with their dad.  The teachers reminded the kids that they were to serve the dads, so Jada got me something to drink and stacked my plate with donuts. 

I joked to the other dads at my table that we should do this every morning.  Seriously, though, what an uplifting way to start a day: good food, dad-kid time, and tangible reminders that all our hard work is sinking in.  I felt whole from it all, and not just because I scarfed down about a half-dozen donuts.

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