Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Run for Your Life

The four of us will be running in a race next month to raise money for Jada's school.  Amy did the 5-K this year but is still battling a foot injury so will run the 1-mile with Aaron.  Jada and I did the 1-mile last year and are graduating to the 5-K.  So this past Sunday morning, I took the whole family on a 1-mile run, and the goal is to creep up the mileage from there, so that by the race day Jada will have worked up some stamina.

The 1-miler on Sunday morning was a little bumpy: Jada lost interest and walked a bit, and Aaron took turns sprinting out, racing back, and complaining.  But by the second half of the run, we had found our stride and even had enough in the tank to step up the pace on the last block home. 

I recall fondly my parents taking my sister and me to the local community college track to run laps, and it would be neat if our family created the same routines as well.  After all, what's better than a nice jog with everyone together on a beautiful weekend morning?
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