Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend at Longwood Gardens

Crazy start to our Mother's Day weekend. I raced from grocery store to breakfast to Y to home to school, just in time to teach my first class at Penn. I dismissed a little later than I wanted to, my bus home got caught in Penn graduation traffic, and then we hit all sorts of traffic to Longwood Gardens, where we were meeting Amy's family. They were merciful about us being 30+ minutes late; they just got a head start on the sight-seeing, and then we joined in once we arrived. It was a beautiful day to take in the sights and smells. I am seriously thinking of becoming a member there, it's just such a wonderful place to walk around. And there are just enough fun things for the kids to do - climb a tree, putter around child-friendly areas, or just run around on the wide open grassy areas - that they have a blast too. Lots of great photos were taken before my camera phone battery died. Here are some of them. Enjoy! And Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there, including my own!

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