Thursday, April 12, 2012


At around 2 yesterday afternoon, in the midst of a busy day at work, I got the dreaded call from school.  "Not an emergency," was the first comment on the other line, but in fact it was a semi-emergency.  Aaron had stuck a bead in his nose and it had gotten stuck.  I laughed out loud, especially after hearing that he wasn't in any pain, and thanked his teacher for being on top of things and for calling me.  She asked me I wanted them to take him to the ER and meet me there, and I said let me think about it.

Of course, my first call was to Amy, to see what she wanted to do.  She said to call our doctor to see what they thought - as luck would have it, we had an appointment scheduled for the next morning, so perhaps we could wait until then to extract it?  In the meantime, she would button up the therapy session she was in the middle of leading and try to get herself to Aaron's school (she was at the site of hers that is only two blocks from Aaron's school). 

I called our pediatrician and was quickly called back and told that they don't do these removals and that I really ought to take Aaron to the ER.  I called back Amy and told her it was her or the ER.  I cringed at the thought of the time and money we'd burn if we had to go that route.

Fifteen minutes later, Amy called me and said she had suctioned it out and was heading back to work.  I exhaled, thanked God for having such an awesome nurse practitioner as a wife and mother to my children, and then buried myself right back into my work. 

Barely a couple of weeks ago, Amy had popped my friend's kid's dislocated elbow back into place.  Now she's removing beads from Aaron's nostril.  Thank God for Supermom!
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