Thursday, April 05, 2012

Subway Series

Still no game schedule for Aaron's baseball season, but we know when and where his weeknight baseball practices will take place.  So one day a week, I'll leave work early, grab the kids, walk them to the nearest subway station, get off and transfer onto the southbound 57 bus, and hop off a couple of blocks away from the ballfield where Aaron will practice.  (His games will be at one of two other locations, one of which is close to a Broad Street Line stop and one of which will require a bus-to-bus transfer.) 

Growing up, I have fond memories of being taken to piano by my mom and to baseball by my dad.  I don't recall ever talking, but somehow the silence and anticipation left an indelible and positive mark.  It will be interesting to see what my kids remember about our commutes, by foot/subway/bus rather than in a car.  Whatever the mode, here's hoping they too look back happily, and that the logistics of moving around, packing food, and getting home late on a school night go relatively smoothly.
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