Monday, April 23, 2012

Rained Out

The weather was as lousy on Sunday as it was gorgeous on Saturday, and our schedule was similarly different. 

Saturday we headed to the Y in the morning, grabbed a quick lunch at home, and then took the bus downtown to take in the Philadelphia Science Festival (on the Parkway) and the Book Festival (at the Free Library).  Jada ran into two of her very best friends, while Aaron pined in vain for a balloon.  We checked out books and trucked them back home, where we curled up together in the living room for quiet reading.  Then we wiped down the table and chairs on the front porch, had dinner outside, and gardened.

Sunday Aaron's game was rained out, but we had to head out for church before we could confirm that, so Aaron had his uniform on and I toted his baseball bag.  Once we got the word that there was no game, we could stay for the whole service, after which we hit CVS and then headed home and laid low.  Amy and I napped, Jada and Aaron worked on their chores and then watched Marx Brothers, and we ate dinner and headed for bed early.

You always hope for good weather on the weekend, but both the good weather and the bad weather worked in our favor, Saturday being a day we wanted to be out and about and Sunday being a day for staying in and bumming around.  Good times, all around.
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