Sunday, April 15, 2012

Opening Day

It was kind of crazy week this past week.  I had a huge deadline on Monday and work feverishly around four meetings that day to meet it.  Tuesday was Aaron's first baseball practice, which had me criss-crossing the city to pick up the kids, get them out to the ball field, and get them home for bedtime.  (I also had a community association board meeting that evening, to boot.)  Wednesday, Aaron gave us a scare by putting a bead up his nose, a crisis that was mercifully averted by Amy coming to the rescue.  Thursday, I took the kids to the doctor's, and let's just say waiting in a confined exam room for over an hour with two small children isn't my idea of serenity.  Friday, I had a meeting out in the 'burbs, and took the train and hoofed it over a mile from there to the meeting site on roads without sidewalks while leery drivers gave me looks.  (On the way back to the train station, I actually took a phone meeting while walking, and then had a second phone meeting on the train ride home.)

Yesterday was not the calm and relaxing weekend day that I needed after all that.  After my usual early Saturday morning grocery run, I took the kids to Aaron's opening ceremonies for his baseball league, which can best be described as 1,000+ kids milling about in colorful uniforms while parents snap photos and chat.  We left early, took the bus home, grabbed Amy, and drove to the Y to get a workout in before lunch.  After a quick bite, the kids and I were back out of the house, first dropping Jada off at her friend's Easter egg hunt, then taking trolley to subway to Aaron's Opening Day game, and then doubling back to Jada's friend's house to enjoy the remainder of the party.  When we returned home, some 8+ hours after I'd left the house with them earlier that morning, I was pretty fried, to say the least. 

Over the next couple of days, I'll try to get all the Opening Day pics and videos online so you can share with me in all the cuteness and hilarity.  As a teaser, I'll simply note that upon making contact in his first official at-bat, Aaron headed straight for the pitcher's mound rather than first base.  I have a feeling that, once I get that video up on YouTube, it has a chance of going viral.

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