Sunday, April 08, 2012

Big Girl

Yesterday afternoon Jada was pestering to ride her scooter, so I took her and Aaron down the street to her school.  The playground there brings me back to when we first got Jada, as it was a nearby place for her to putter around.  Circa the present, she's so much more grown-up, handling the monkey bars with ease and seeming to grow taller each day.  Whereas Aaron still cries and whines enough to remind us of his baby days, Jada is radically different from the little peanut we brought home from China.  Like sand through my hands, I try desperately to enjoy each moment even as she appears to be racing through her childhood and becoming a young woman.  Soon enough, I'm going to turn around and see Aaron shaving and asking for the keys to the car, but this weekend was about realizing what a big girl Jada has become. 

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