Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sk8r Grrl and Runnnboi

Still recuperating from a cold and at the end of a draining week, so why not run myself and the kids ragged come the weekend?  Amy wanted no part of our mad itinerary and stayed home; clearly she is more intelligent than I.

8:30a - We head out to the Y and take their scooters this time rather than car or bus.  While Jada revels in her wheels, Aaron quickly tires of pushing and ends up chasing her by foot while I lug his wheels.  It's going to be a long day and I have to carry this thing around with me? 

9:30a - I get in an abbreviated session of lifting and swimming while the kids are in the kid watch room.  We take a quick walk to the El station, transfer to the trolley at 30th Street Station, pop back above ground at 19th, and scooter our way to the Franklin Institute to meet my friend and his son.  They're members so we get in free, which is great because that's how we roll.

12:30p - We stroll to the Shops Comcast Center and grab Chinese food before parting ways.  The kids and I head a few blocks east to Pennsylvania Convention Center to meet another friend of mine and his three girls at the Philadelphia Home Show (or, as I like to call it, fantasizing about jacuzzis for grown-ups and trick-or-treating for children).

2:30p - We leave the Home Show with bags full of brochures and candy, meander through Reading Terminal Market, grab some soft pretzels, and head back to the Convention Center to let the kids run around some more.  They have to catch a train home so we part ways.  I decide to add to my growing load of things in my canvas bag (wet swimsuit and towel, two scooters, paraphernalia from various contractors) some essentials from nearby Chinatown, since we're so close by. 

3:30p - The kids scooter from Chinatown to the subway stop, we ride back to our neighborhood, and they scooter from the subway stop back home.  By now, Aaron is much more into the scootering, and Jada is continuing to love her wheels.  And I am happy, though weary, that scootering allowed us to go a little further than if we had to do it all by walking.  Meaning this won't likely be the last time Sk8er Girl and Runnnboi will be seen zigzagging through downtown traffic on their wheels.
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