Thursday, March 08, 2012

Letters and Numbers

Aaron's parent-teacher conference was earlier this week.  Very informative, although on one key point it wasn't new information as much as confirmation of what we already knew, which is that he's pretty far behind on his letters and numbers.  Most of his classmates can sound out words and read simple sentences; Aaron isn't even close to knowing all the letters and numbers.  He's doing passably in other areas, so it's possibly there's something specific going on for him, which we'll ask his doctor and hid development pediatrician during upcoming visits.

For two Ivy League parents, it is a little disconcerting and we are worried but trying to take it slow.  It doesn't help to constantly see how advanced the children of other well-educated friends are.  For now, we're trying to strike a balance between not pushing too hard on the one hand, and making sure that Aaron doesn't quit on himself just because he's not good at something on the other hand.  We were also given some toys from school to try out on Aaron at home, to try to extend progress from school into the home setting, and to augment existing methods we already use. 

In the meantime, we're rooting for the little guy, celebrating the areas he's strong in, and trying to push him in areas of weakness and help him not be afraid of failing so long as he's willing to keep at it.  If we succeed, those are some good life lessons. 

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