Sunday, March 04, 2012

Daddy's Little Girl

Yesterday afternoon we had no plans, so everyone in the Huang family was free to gravitate to whatever they each wanted to do.  Aaron cozied up to the TV and sat alone, mouth open.  Amy was exhausted from a long week of work so caught up on sleep all afternoon, working in some massive piles of laundry before and after a much-needed nap.  I announced my need for a nap and was able to get my wish, and then headed to the study to start working on my taxes. 

And Jada?  Well, whatever her daddy is doing, of course.  Her preference is to ever be on the go, but if we are all stuck at home with nothing exciting to do, I'm who she seeks out, regardless of what I'm doing.  So even though I was just shuffling through a bunch of receipts from last year, and punching numbers into a spreadsheet, that's what she wanted to do, too.  She requested a place on my lap and said she wanted to help, so I plopped her on my lap in between me and the computer, and asked her to hand me receipts one by one as I reviewed them and decided what I needed to do with them.

A couple of times I asked her to get off so I could figure something more complex, which involved shuffling through multiple papers.  During those times off my lap, she would wait dutifully in the chair next to me, and then once she was allowed back on my lap, she would hop back on and resume her helpfulness. 

Of course, I could not help but walk her through what I was doing and why.  But mostly I enjoyed her company during an otherwise boring task.  And, most of all I enjoyed the fact that my little girl, if she has nothing else to do on her social calendar, wants nothing more than to be with her daddy and to do what he's doing, even if it's just taxes.  That ain't bad for a father.
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