Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clean Car

A giveaway that you are a parent is that you have a cluttered car.  What minivan parked outside a suburban home doesn't have Cheerios, juice boxes, and DVD cases littering the back seat?  Indeed, even though we live in the city and don't drive that much, our car has had its share of crumbs and toy parts. 

And yet earlier this month, when I pulled up our car next to the $1 vacuum at the local gas station and plopped in my four quarters for four minutes of suction, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there wasn't much to clean up in the back.  Booster seats have far fewer nooks and crannies than car seats, and can be taken in and out easily.  And, our kids are in the car so seldom, and never eat snacks anymore, that there just wasn't any debris around to accumulate.

I immediately adjusted on my task list to clean the inside of the car every four months instead of every two months, but I wonder if we'll even need to do it that often.  This is quite a milestone in the life of a parent!
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