Sunday, February 26, 2012

Birthday Party, Family Style

Of course, the only thing better than having a birthday party is having a second birthday party, complete with a second birthday cake and a second set of gifts.  We had Amy's family members over yesterday, after having Jada's friends over earlier this month. 

It was actually kind of a crazy day, even though for the first time in months we didn't go to the Y in the morning (no classes, and both parents and kids were too tired to go just to go).  Jada had a birthday party to go to, so I made arrangements to walk her and a friend to the party.  Her friend's mom picked them up and brought Jada home while Amy was getting ready for her family to come over and I was downtown at an orientation for Aaron's baseball season.

It was nice to celebrate Jada's birthday again, with family.  Jada of course reveled in cake and presents, especially since Amy's family members are such good gift-givers. 

The night ended on a little bit of a sour note, as during bedtime we discovered a really big splinter in Jada's foot, so Amy had to perform a very painful extraction while Jada howled away.  But after copious amounts of comfort from both of us, plus Aaron chipping in with offers of his toys, she calmed down enough to go to bed.  Quite a day for our new seven-year-old.

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