Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Fun Day

What a Saturday we had. The pics and videos tell the tale, so I'll only briefly narrate.

9a-12p - The kids and I headed out to the Y as usual, although with a twist, as this was Aaron's last basketball class and Jada's last ballet and tap class. Jada had a recital at noon, and Aaron had a birthday party in South Philly, so I made carpool arrangements with a school classmate of his, who also happened to be in his basketball class. So her dad was able to take Aaron home and then take them to the birthday party.

12p-2p - Amy hung back and arrived with her sister, who came into town to see her niece perform. The recital was really cute, and Jada moved very gracefully. We were all so proud of her, and she genuinely seemed to enjoy herself.

2p-5p - I barely have time to get home before I have to head out to South Philly to pick up Aaron and his friend. My pick-up is delayed on account of Aaron losing his gloves and me and the hosts ransacking the place looking for them. Finally, we find them, and off we go, first to drop off Aaron's friend, and then to go home. We spent a little bit more time with Amy's sister before she heads out, and then it's time to ship Jada off to her school classmate's birthday party. Mercifully, it's just down the street. Plus it's a pajama party, so Jada goes straight from ballet dress to PJ's, and we don't have to worry about another costume change.

5p-8p - Aaron falls asleep reading the dinosaur books his aunt got him for Christmas. Amy and I frantically do errands while we have one kid down and one kid out. Alas, too soon I have to go pick up Jada from her party. Aaron's a bit of a wreck from being simultaneously tired and wired, which makes bedtime a little bit more of an ordeal than normal. But it's acceptable collateral damage for such a big fun day.

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