Sunday, November 06, 2011

Basketball and Ballet at the Y (and Much, Much More on a Busy Saturday for the Huangs)

Soccer classes at the Y ended last week. Yesterday was a new set of classes: basketball for Aaron and ballet for Jada. We held our breath that morning wondering whether they would take to their new activities.

Aaron was immediately put at ease upon arrival, since all of his soccer friends were enrolled in hoops with him. He had a crying moment, when he got hit in the face with the basketball, but was otherwise relatively happy, especially for a first class.

As for Jada, she loved her new outfit, and seemed to like the teacher and students, but didn't like that the class was so demanding: free spirit that she is, she preferred the free form of soccer over the drills in ballet. Alas, we found out at the end of class that we have to get her a black top instead of her pink one, that her shoes weren't quite right, and that the class is actually ballet and tap, so tap shoes also needed to be purchased. So after class, we hoofed it to the shoe store down the street and took care of the shoes.

The rest of the day was quite busy too. I took the kids canvassing in our neighborhood for my friend David Oh, who is running for City Council at Large, en route to Jada's friend's house, as she had been invited over for a play date. I then walked Aaron home, set him up with his favorite TV show, and fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.

I awoke, walked him down the street to pick up Jada, and brought them home, where we all four got ready for holiday portraits at Sears. They went off without a hitch, and we went from there to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate. Soon enough, it was time to go home, put on jammies, brush teeth, and head to bed. (Well, I snuck out to go to a friend's birthday party down the street, and stuffed myself with good food even though I was full from CPK, but the kids don't need to know that.)

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