Saturday, October 15, 2011

Y at Night

Yet another perk of YMCA membership is that once a month, there's a Kids Night Out on Friday evening, where members can drop their kids off in pajamas for a couple of hours of crafts and games. So I got the kids home from school a hair early so we could feed them and get their PJ's on, and then I took them on the bus to the Y.

We were running a little late and sure enough the bus pulled out just before we got to the intersection. We chased it for a good block and a half; since our back-up, the elevated train, was a block and a half in that direction, so I figured if we never caught up to the bus, we'd at least be on our way to the el. We finally gave up, and turned around and saw another bus coming right up. Oh well, I guess if we had just waited, we would have been fine.

Off the bus and down the street to the Y, the kids were soon tucked away in one of the multi-purpose rooms, and I took the bus back home and Amy and I walked to a nearby Japanese restaurant we had wanted to try out forever but had never gotten around to. It was fun to just talk, as grown-ups, with no kids around (unless you count all of the twenty-somethings teeny-bopping around us). Given our busy schedules, an uninterrupted hour of adult conversation seemed decadent.

Alas, dinner finally ended, and we walked home and then I rode the bus back to the Y to get the kids. Of course, they had painted a huge paper butterfly, which I had to hold on to while we waited in the dark for the bus home. When we finally got home and Amy took them upstairs to tuck them in, I noticed my pants had all sorts of paint colors on it. Oh well.

Not sure how many more of these Kids Night Outs we'll do, but it's a nice luxury to have. Membership sure has its privileges.
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