Monday, August 15, 2011

Y Yes

Well, after joining on Saturday, even a torrential downpour couldn't keep the Huangs away from their new free place to go for fun. We weren't there for long, and only partook of the pool, but it was a fun family time nonetheless. Amy swam laps while I watched the kids putter around in their swim vests and fun noodles, and then Amy took a break while I banged out a few laps of my own. The kids were unbelievably happy and cute, which made just watching them just fine for a Sunday afternoon activity. Plus swimming just relaxes me like nothing else, between the good ache of the cardio and the silence of being underwater.

I have a feeling we'll be wearing out our membership cards out real good. After all, as we were leaving, Jada asked, "Can we live here?" And when we replied that we couldn't, she replied, "Well, can we come back again tomorrow?"
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