Monday, August 29, 2011

New Family Member

While at the Shore, we picked up a new family member: Desol the hermit crab. We had actually found a hermit crab on the beach one day, and it was fun to try to keep him alive. But we simply lacked the equipment. So the next day, when we were on the boardwalk, we inquired about how to take care of a hermit crab, and soon enough we were buying a whole kit, including a medium-sized hermit crab.

We released our first crab back into the ocean, and christened our new family member Desol (pronounced "Dezzle"). And ever since, Amy and the kids have been smitten. (I am a Huang, so I am bound to be stoic about pets.) Jada even joked that Desol has a "Gotcha Day," which would be August 23. Leave it to Jada to make the connection between her and Aaron's adoption and a hermit crab's.

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