Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fluid Management

The funny thing about liquids is that they are much better off in their original containers than spilled all over the place. The past 36 hours have brought the following three reminders of this fact:

* Two nights ago, Jada accidentally karate kicked Aaron in the face climbing up the bunk bed, resulting in a very bloody nose, which necessitated calming him down and washing his pajamas, comforter cover, and comforter.

* Yesterday morning, Aaron woke up, got all the way to the bathroom toilet, and then wee-weed all over the floor, which necessitated a rapid mop-up on the way out the door to school and work.

* Also yesterday morning, Jada spilled her drink all over herself, necessitating an unanticipated change of clothes and a quick clean-up of floor, chair, and table.

Folks, if we can keep our blood, pee, and beverages in the right containers, everyone wins. Sigh.
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