Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Game Over

The second attempt at a Huang family game night didn't go nearly as swimmingly as the first. Aaron started whining almost from the beginning, and nothing I did did anything more than pour gasoline on his fire. Whether it was sending his Sorry piece back to home base or hemming in his mama's, all my actions were met with loud protests. Finally, after repeated warnings, I pulled the plug on the whole affair, to which he saved his loudest protests. But, within minutes, after we had reconvened in the bedroom for stories, he had calmed down. I guess the boy was sleepy, and the bedroom routine put him at ease that he would soon get to do what his body was asking for.

Later that month, our cranky dude soothes his animal spirits by partaking in a solo game of Operation. High comedy ensues.

Aren't these classic games great?
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