Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Progress Report

I missed Jada's parent-teacher conference last month because we were out of town, but her teacher graciously offered to meet with me this month to discuss her second quarter report card. It was an uplifting experience, to be told that our little Jada has been making so much improvement within the short time she has been in kindergarten.

Jada thrives in structured environments, and her teacher is very good at funneling all of her interest and curiosity in positive ways. She reported to me that Jada has been among the "most improved" in the class in terms of verbal communication, she soaks up reading and writing instruction, and has become nicer to her classmates. She noted that Jada does appear to be a follower more than a leader, and has encouraged Jada to advance her own ideas and see if her friends will follow her sometimes instead of her following them all the time.

As for her actual marks, it was a mix of Satisfactory and Outstanding in her courses, and mostly Outstanding (up from mostly Satisfactory) in her skills and behaviors. She is ahead in her reading skills, reading at the level they expect her to be reading at by the end of the school year. Best of all, she seems to genuinely enjoy school, both the social and educational aspects of it; at dinner, she couldn't stop telling us about the dinosaurs that lived during the Triassic Period, as if it was simply the most interesting thing to discuss over dinner.

It's great to see our little girl make so much progress. Amy and I are proud of her, and thankful for a good school and a good teacher to help unlock her.
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