Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look Like

Jada came home one day and asked Amy and me, “Who do I look like?” Since Jada’s syntax is often mangled, I didn’t quite get what she was getting at. I then surmised that someone at school must have talked about how they looked more like their mom or their dad, or how they had their mom’s eyes and their dad’s dimples, and naturally Jada wondered where her features came from. I had to explain to her that when babies come out of their mommy’s bellies, they look like their mommy or their daddy, since babies are a little bit of mommy and daddy put together. But since she was adopted, she wouldn’t look like either Mama or Dada. I tried to make that something special but couldn’t figure out how to, although gratefully my answer seemed enough for Jada. Whoever she looks like, she is a beauty, and I hope she knows that and accepts that.
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