Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snap Back to Reality

It's always hard to come home from vacation, especially when you're returning from a warm location into the dead of winter. Sure enough, my first day back in the office yesterday (Monday was a holiday for the kids but not for me and Amy, so Amy went to work and I worked from home while the kids played with toys and watched TV) was a rude slap in the face after lolling around in sunny St. Thomas.

A big accumulation of snow overnight meant Aaron's school was delayed an hour, so I walked Jada to school and then piggybacked Aaron to my office for a little bit before piggybacking him to school. This is as hard as it sounds, especially with snow making walking at times arduous and at other times slippery. (To add insult to injury, someone had stolen our snow shovel off our front porch while we were away, so I had to clear our sidewalk and Amy's car with a dinky little half-size shovel. Not good times.)

On the return trip, I hiked to Aaron's school and then piggybacked him back down the hill to the bus stop. We lucked into a bus arriving just as we arrived, which is fortunate because we got to Jada's school with only three minutes to spare.

Over dinner, Jada asked me where she could buy a house in St. Thomas to live in when she grows up. Wherever it is, sweetie, make sure there's a room for me.
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