Monday, February 28, 2011

Huang Family Newsletter, February 2011

A growing amount of work for Lee in the US Virgin Islands necessitated a week-long business trip there, and happily Amy and the kids were able to accompany him on short notice. So while Lee toiled away, Amy and the kids hit the beach, frolicked in the pool, and shopped the jewelry stores. Friday night, Lee's business partner down there graciously offered to watch the kids, so Lee and Amy could go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant at the local yacht club; and then Saturday, he took us all out on his new boat, making for a delightful day in the sun, circumnavigating St. John and splashing around in the beautiful water.

This month also brought Jada's 6th birthday, and her first real birthday party with friends. It was a small gathering of six of her close girl friends; they did crafts, talked and giggled like little girls do, and were soon racing around the house from all the excitement of being together. Jada was so joyous it brought a tear to my eye. And Amy's parents generously pitched in by keeping Aaron company, so even he was happy.
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