Sunday, February 13, 2011

Huang Boys Kill Time

Yesterday, Jada went to a drop-off birthday party at World Cafe Live. While she reveled in live music and good friends, Aaron and I killed time nearby.

We walked a couple of blocks to 30th Street Station, grabbed Angus burgers at Mickey D's, and headed through the train station to the lobby of the Cira Centre, where we pounded lunch, enjoyed the views of the Center City skyline, and talked guy stuff. Then, I set up our portable DVD player and Aaron vegged out to taped Sesame Street episodes while I caught up on phone calls and checked email. Just as Aaron was starting to get bored, it was time to head back to World Cafe Live, pick up Jada, and take the bus home.

Not a bad father-son time. And, with Jada's circle of friends growing by the day, methinks there will be many other such opportunities to kill time with the boy in the future.
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