Friday, January 14, 2011

Glimmers of Empathy

Jada is not the most empathetic of sorts. In fact, she can be downright cold-blooded. Witness the time a girl wanted to sit on a turtle sculpture that Jada was sitting on, and Jada stayed on that turtle with a blank expression on her face the whole time the little girl whined and moaned about wanting to sit on it. She finally got off the turtle once the little girl had given up and walked away. Ouch!

But this past week, we may have seen a glimmer of empathy. Amy and I were laid out by sickness, which through the house into literal and figurative disarray. We sauntered around like zombies, reluctantly spelling one another so the other could crash in bed. The kids saw far less of us, in far lower spirits and at far lower energy levels, than they were used to.

Jada responded with two notes, one for each of us. Each read: "Plese feel bettr." Maybe the sentiment was still from a point of self-centeredness, as in: "So that you can take care of me." But it was still a glimmer. So we'll take it.
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