Saturday, January 01, 2011

California Dreamin', Day Three

This day started almost as early as the previous one: the kids were up by 4 instead of 3. Which meant that by the time we left the house for our first activity, they had had one meal and two snacks. We had planned to hit Christmas in the Park in downtown San Jose with May and Harish, but just as we were getting ready to leave, poor Aaron fell fast asleep on the floor in their bedroom. So Amy stayed home and just Jada and I went.

We had a grand old time downtown, meeting up with a friend of mine and his family while we were out there. Jada reveled in all the decorated Christmas trees, but was disappointed that none of the rides or food stands were open yet. We returned home, grabbed Amy and Aaron, and headed out to a local Japanese restaurant for lunch. Lo and behold, our usually finicky children scarfed up everything in sight. So that was fun.

We laid low in the early afternoon, spending more time with Ama and playing with toys, and then headed out to a nearby trail, which led to a local park. Aaron and Jada made it all the way out and all the way back without complaint, a sign that they are growing bigger and able to manage longer distances on foot.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching TV and talking with Ama while Agong made dinner. The kids limped to the bedtime hour, clearly tired. They somberly listened to bedtime stories and then fell helplessly to sleep. Another full and good day here.
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