Tuesday, January 04, 2011

California Dreamin', Day Six

First item on the agenda today was to get Amy to the airport. She had a 7:45 flight and made it home safely by 6 o'clock Philadelphia time.

Meanwhile, back in San Jose, we had a relatively light day. The kids watched TV in the morning and then we headed out in the late morning with May and Harish to Shoreline Park in Mountain View, not far from Google's headquarters, where we puttered around and looked at geese.

The kids did more bumming around in the afternoon - once again, no post-lunch nap - and then had the first shift on dinner before playing house and then going to bed. Every so often, I guess even our jet-set kids like having a day of not doing much.

(I suppose, then, that this is a good day to share a brief word about how we co-exist with my parents. My dad and mom have a fairly regimented schedule, so we did our best to work around it. That meant trying to be out of the house at certain times of the day, when we would otherwise be in the way, as well as being mindful to be as tidy as is possible with two little kids, lest we make extra clutter for them. So there weren't a lot of very long periods of time that we spent with Ama as much as shorter bursts throughout the day: first thing in the morning, as we were heading out for the morning, around lunchtime and throughout the afternoon, around dinner, and then right before bed. I think Ama really enjoyed socializing with the kids or even just watching them play. I know Agong sure got a kick out of the cuties, as is evidenced by the copious pictures he managed to find the time to take and share.)
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