Thursday, January 06, 2011

California Dreamin', Day Eight

The kids were pretty well behaved in terms of waking up early, having breakfast, and getting packed up. We said our goodbyes to Ama and then Agong took us to the airport. Because of the early hour, traffic and lines were light, and because of our kids' experience with traveling, security was a breeze, as they listened and we got through with minimal friction.

Once on the inside, I made them walk a fair amount, since we'd otherwise be cooped up for the rest of the day. Soon enough, we were boarding, and some coloring books I'd packed for the trip were being torn into.

We transferred in St. Louis, and had time to recharge the portable DVD player and get smoothies, which was good, because Jada was a bit disoriented, thinking we'd already arrived in Philadelphia and then distraught because she missed her Mama and her Pillow Pet. Strawberry goodness can tend to take the edge off.

Finally, we touched down in Philadelphia and were brought home by Granddad. For as much fun as we had in Cali, it was nice to be home, to be reunited as a foursome, and to sleep in our own beds. But we'll be sure to scheme our way to another trip soon enough.
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