Friday, December 03, 2010

I’m Not the Only Doter

It seems I’m not the only one who thinks highly of our little girl. We bumped into Jada’s school breakfast buddy at an arts class this past weekend, and she told me that Jada’s teacher, Ms. Silver, had told her how pretty she thinks Jada is. Also this past weekend, we got together with family and afterwards Amy’s aunt, who couldn’t make the get-together, shared with me how Amy’s grandfather went on and on to her about how lovely Jada is.

She is lovely, yes. And, it seems there’s some brains to go with all that beauty. (I could have just as easily titled this post “Brains and Beauty.”) Since starting kindergarten, where a premium is placed on on-ramps to reading and writing, Jada has been ravenous when it comes to wanting to learn more and more words. She’s mastered all the little words, and, this makes me even prouder, she is learning to stretch words out, sounding out all the parts until she can figure out how what it is all together.

She’s not as fast as some of her classmates, and she still has her quirks and delays, especially when it comes to communication, but she is improving literally every day. And so I dote. And so do others.

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