Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Huang Family Newsletter, November 2010

Full month on all fronts:

* Amy's job in the prisons remains crazy, in terms of the sheer volume of patients and depth/complexity of their needs. Lee had meetings in Harrisburg and Long Island, helped host his US/Britain conference in town, saw a couple of his reports get some nice local press, and worked on a bunch of proposals for new work. They enjoyed having their couples small group over for an extended time of socializing, Bible study, and prayer.

* Our house hit a snag when the main drain collapsed on itself, and one night later there was a terrible rainstorm, which brought a ton of rain/dirt/leaves into the basement and necessitated a two-week clean-up.

* Jada excitedly showed her dad around her classroom and through her writings/illustrations during her kindergarten class' "Author Celebration." And Aaron moved up from Transitional Pre-K to Pre-K.

* For fun, we hit the Penn Museum, went to Please Touch Museum (twice), made a couple of rounds downtown, met Kamal from the hit Philadelphia hip-hop group The Roots, and puttered around in Collingswood. We went to Uncle Matt and Aunt Nicol's house for Thanksgiving, and then Lee braved Black Friday the next morning, opting for quick strikes to Kohl's and Target and home before the kids woke up.

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