Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gold Star for Aaron

So here was the plan: I was going to drop Jada off at her friend's birthday party and then take Aaron to Mickey D's for some Huang boys quality time. Only once we arrived at party central, Aaron didn't want to leave, even for McDonald's. Our gracious hosts suggested we just stay, and so stay we did, from drawing to eating pizza to watching Scooby Doo to sharing in birthday cake.

Aaron, perhaps with my admonition ringing in his ears that we were out of there if he acted up, was on his best behavior. At one point, all the kids made a mad and sudden dash from their seats downstairs to the TV room upstairs. Even in the excitement of not wanting to miss Scoobs, Aaron remembered his table manners, remained bolted in his chair, and called out to me, "Daddy, can I be excused?"

That's commendable. And that's worth a gold star. Bravo, son.
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