Thursday, December 30, 2010

California Dreamin', Day One

Amy's dad was kind enough to shuttle us to the airport bright and early in the morning. The kids were up a tick earlier than usual, Jada because she was so excited to go to California and Aaron because Jada was so excited to go to California. Despite feeding them a normal breakfast, by the time we were through security, they were ready to scarf down McDonald's, which meant that what I had hoped would last us for most of the trip was gone in 60 seconds.

Compounding matters, our connection in Chicago was tight, so I only had time to grab the closest food available, which ended up being the worst food possible - messy hot dogs that weren't very good. And, there wasn't nearly enough time to recharge the DVD player, so that pooped out with several hours left in our travel day. It got dicey at one point, with the kids alternating between hyper and disconsolate, but eventually we arrived in San Jose.

Of course, what family trip is complete without some lost luggage? The bag with Amy's and the kids' stuff made it, but mine, with my stuff and Christmas gifts, didn't. Luckily, later that evening, it was located and delivered with no fuss. But by the time it had arrived, we were all fast asleep, having said quick hi's to Ama, eaten a quick dinner, and read our bedtime stories.

Even though we were weary from a day of travel and Amy and I were nursing colds, it was nice to arrive at Agong and Ama's house and have even a little bit of time to chat. Ama was so excited to see everyone, especially Aaron, who she hadn't seen in two years. (The brief summary of his life since the last visit - he's grown bigger, but still whines in the same way.) Jada's speech improvements were immediately evident, since she has been excelling in kindergarten since her last visit in August. They both reveled in Agong's tickling, in having lots of fresh fruit to choose from, and in being able to share my sister's old bedroom and all of the toys that were contained within it.

Not a bad first day of our California trip for the two young'uns. Now if the grown-ups could just get enough sleep and meds to feel better.
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